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Personal finance management is changing

As licensed investment professionals in the Financial Service and Personal Finance Management industry, we’re ready to help keep you up to date on the latest news, information, and market trends that could potentially influence your investments. And not only are we prepared to keep you informed, but we’re also committed to helping you navigate the ever-changing and sometimes volatile markets with confidence.

Here's what we're seeing

Americans rank personal finances as their number one cause of significant stress.

On average, bank customers who make use of Personal Finance Management tools are 18% wealthier than those who don’t.

Even after citing investing as their top financial goal, 56% of Americans feel behind on their retirement savings goals.

Lack of educational resources

Today, there is a high volume of individuals searching online for personal investment advice.3 And while there is plenty of information out there, it can be difficult to identify trustworthy sources that can help them navigate their unique investment challenges. While other individuals may depend on their financial advisor to dictate their decisions for them, they ultimately lack a personal understanding of what contributes to those important choices, making it difficult to know what questions to ask.4


3Magnify Money; Nearly 60% of Young Investors Are Collaborating Thanks to Technology, Often Turning to Social Media for Advice, 2021

4 Insider Intelligence; Financial Services Industry Overview in 2021: Trends, Statistics & Analysis, 2021 

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Avoid the Crippling Hill That Jack and Jill Went Up


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Five Lessons to Remember During Bear Markets


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Gold: Inflation Hedge or Just Another Commodity?


That depends on whether safe assets are offering negative real returns.

How Do You Know if Your Assets are Diversified?


Using statistical correlations can help refine your investments and lower risk.

Inflation Varies According to Your Age & Spending


Your advisor will make sure to account for inflation in your retirement plans.

The Fed Raises Rates, Should You Sell Bonds?


Don’t let public perceptions drive your investing, because that’s speculating.

The Forward 12-Month P/E is a Good Barometer


The S&P 500’s forward 12-month P/E ratio is now below its 5-year average.

What Should You Do as Markets Flirt with Bears?


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Five Money Moves to Make With Your Tax Refund


Here are five smart money moves to make with your tax refund.

Bonding With Your Portfolio


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We Can Expect Eleven Rate Hikes Through 2024 Understanding how markets have reacted to previous Fed-hiking


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How to Divide an Inheritance Equally


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Remember What Happened from 1996 –2009?


You probably are not aware that March 9, 2022 marks the 13th anniversary of what many call “The ...

Positioning a Portfolio for Additional Rate Hikes


What counts is how your money is invested now in anticipation of rate hikes

Inheritance Planning can Help Avoid Headaches


Families inherit money and sometimes make the right moves investing and spending. Inheritances ...

Advanced Philanthropy


For many affluent individuals, occasional gifts to a favorite charity may satisfy their ...

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Insider Trading and Why it's a Problem


There’s a growing bipartisan push to prohibit members of Congress from buying or selling stocks. ...

Black Swans: Short-term Crisis, Long-term Opportunity


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Does the 60/40 Asset-Allocation-Pie Make Sense?


The magic asset allocation number so often touted is a 60/40 split between stocks and bonds. ...

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Diversification Can Feel Disappointing


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Why a January Market Correction Might be Good


After the stock market’s fantastic growth in 2021, many believe a pullback (or even a ...

What You Should Do When Facing a Bear Market


The first challenge when facing a bear market is recognizing it. But since bear markets ...

Strategies for Volatile Markets


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Staying Calm Amid Market Volatility


When faced with uncertainty, remember to 1) keep things in historical perspective, 2) stay ...

Staying Invested for the Long Term


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Investing with Emotions Can Be Costly


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